Although originally released late in 2013, this track was discovered thanks to British label Paper Recordings recent compilation ‚SKRANGLE HOUSE‚ (Skrangle meaning leftfield or wonky in Norwegian), released on the 12th of November to showcase the best of their crop of Norwegian producers.

We’ve been fans of Prins Thomas for a while but somehow this particular release slipped through the cracks, needless to say if it’s worth taking the time to write about 2 years later it’s worth your time to take a quick listen, and by quick listen we of course mean indulge in what is likely going to be the best 12 minutes and 2 seconds of audio you’re likely to hear all day.

12 minutes and 2 seconds of progressive disco, chaotic rising acid bass lines and seemingly endlessly entrancing and evolving audio. Now, there’s no link to the track in its entirety on either Youtube or Soundcloud so you’ll have to make do with contributor Daniel’s radio show from the end of November. Skip to 31 minutes to hear the tune in question and bliss out.

We may be a few years late to the party on this one, but isn’t it about time we start calling him ‚King Thomas‘?

DISCO LNCJ 261115 by Cosmo Jones (Aus) on Mixcloud