Aus music in recent years has affirmed it’s mainstay status with consistently great releases from the likes of Bicep, Fold, Shenoda, Huxley and Breach anyone familiar with house music understands this is the goods. Founded in 2006 by Will Saul and Ninja Tune’s Fink the label has enjoyed a constantly growing reputation within both the bass music and house community.

Further affirming of this was the latest release from Marquis Hawkes and Timothy Blake entitled ‚Love Precipitation‚. The double A-side EP released last week is an absolute belter both tunes being well worthy of a write up but it’s ‚Flip A Coin‘ we’d like to draw particular attention to (definitely check out ‚Love Precipitation‘ though, that shit oozes Funk).

It’s one of the most refreshing bits of music out in quite some time and here’s why. It’s a modern era classic slice of Piano House. It has soul, groove, a bass line that keeps rolling, strings repeating and a piano loop that improvises over the top, sailing on the crisp sweet wind unburdened. We’d previously have had to go back to the early 90’s to hear this groove, thanks to Hawkes and Blake, it’s back in 2016.