The word beautiful is not something we throw out lightly, but it serves to adequately describe Ishmael’s ‚That Piano Track‘.

While Ishmael might not be widely known, but we hope that doesn’t remain the case for long. The Bristol based producer has had a string of releases, which until now went un-noticed by your humble writer, since 2012 on labels Wolf Music and Church out of London, where this release finds its home.

Saxophone, real drums (jazz drums no less), a wonderfully free piano loop and a warm, thick, bass line that just keeps gathering speed, growing steadily throughout and the old interview with a jazz musician cruising independently underneath bring the whole tune to a tremendous crescendo around 5 minutes in. It puts a smile on my dial.

‚That Piano Track‘ isn’t the only tune of merit on the ‚Sometime In Space‚ LP, we encourage a thorough sit down listen. I’ve personally purchased 6 of the 11 tracks for use in my radio show and DJ sets, an amount of tunes I’ve personally not purchased from a single release in a very long time.