Swedish label Studio Barnhus is the brainchild of house heavyweights Kornél Kovács, Petter Nordkvist and Axel Boman. They’ve built a name for themselves through consistently good releases, off kilter dj sets and genuinely unique sound. We’ve recently seen this good form continued with the debut release from Esther Silex out last month.

The PACHAMAMA EP which contains the three tunes Hans, Heinrich and Oskar (I’m sensing a bit of a theme here) is a wonderful collection of understated house and electronica such as we’ve come to expect from Barnhus. Whether it’s the driving brutality and hard edges of Hans, the low-fi and strangely haunting sampling in Heinrich or the brilliantly repetitive and building six and a half minutes of bliss that is Oskar. Press play now, leave it on repeat and go about your day, we guarantee an immediate improvement to your mood.