Once again I find myself posting about Paper Disco, the label responsible for my previously hyped Prins Thomas article. This time releasing a new compilation entitled Trash The Wax Vol.3 on the 4th of Feb, a release full of excellent disco tinged goodies.

The track in question however took my fancy for it’s use of the famous Loleatta Holloway sample which I’ve now learned was recorded at a very rare performance in the early 90’s at Brighter Days, it was an ad-lib spoken between tracks which has since gone on to be sampled countless times over the years through genres like jungle to disco to breaks like the 2002 anthem Moguai’s U Know Y, you can read that full story of how it came to be by the man who recorded it here, It’s worth your time.

However, Dunn & Massey have done a great job bringing fantastic vibe to this tired sample. The track moves and grooves and works around the sample as the acid bass line swells underneath to a crescendo around the 7 minute mark. This is one for the dancefloor, Brilliant.

Skip to 1h20m here to hear it in context in my latest radio show.