hörperlen.: Some of you might know you and have read already some of your articles on our website. You are originally from Australia and you’ve been living in Lucerne for about 2 years. What you like the most in Lucerne?

COSMO JONES: I have to say, living in Lucerne what I really enjoy is the beautiful location and picturesque views everywhere you go. It’s really quite amazing! You’re all very lucky.

h.: How would you describe Swiss people?

CJ: I’ve actually had a great experience for the most part with Swiss people, I’ve found everyone in the cities to be very friendly and welcoming, then some people outside the cities can be quite the opposite, so I’m happy I live where I do.

h.: You are playing a weekly Radio-Show on Bondi Beach Radio. Tell us more about it:

CJ: So the radio show has been going for nearly a year now, I began it last june as a way to kind of solve some of my boredom here and lack of gigs over the swiss summer. The concept was to really showcase all of the sounds I enjoy, like house, techno and disco, and also to force me to keep up with whats going on with music in terms of new releases etc… The show has developed into something I really love and enjoy doing each week.

In its current state it is a 2hr weekly program called Late Nights With Cosmo Jones that airs between 12-2pm each thursday on Bondi Beach Radio. I alternate weeks of ‚house’ and ‚disco’ as the focus of the shows but the lines between the two are beginning to blur. I’ve also started focusing on guest mixes from people around Lucerne and further in Switzerland in the last few week.

h.: What kind of radio station is Bondi Beach Radio?

CJ: BBR is currently an online station primarily focussed on electronic music and Hip Hop which broadcasts out of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Think of it a bit like an NTS radio or Berlin Community Radio but for Australia. Most oft he shows are hosted by big DJ’s or by collectives who are really passionate about their music.

h.: What is currently your favourite song?

CJ: That’s a tough one, There’s a few of them in the guest mix so, but if I had to pick one that really gets me going every time I hear it, it’s probably Dominica – Let you go (2015 Edit) which is actually an edit by probably my favourite artist’s ‚Feel My Bicep’ which they kept to themselves until this release at the end of last year. So much VIBE!

h.: As we could read in the news your home town Sidney has introduced strict night-life-regulations (no entry past 130am, no drinks past 3). What do you think about it?

CJ: I am absolutely devastated by the state oft he club laws at home at the moment, I left just before they came into effect though so i’ve only been affected by them when i’ve been home on short trips, but the whole vibe has changed, there’s no late night clubbing anymore! It’s terrible, parties start earlier and finish by 3. Most people here haven’t even left the house by then! But honestly there’s been a big push against it recently and im hoping the momentum continues and the laws are overturned soon. It’s an embarrassment.

h.: As a DJ you have played in several places in Lucerne e.g. at Metzgerhalle. How do you like night life in Lucerne and what is your favourite place to go out?

CJ: The nightlife is good in Lucerne, though it’s obviously on a much smaller scale than other cities I’ve lived in. There are definitely good little pockets of crews out there putting on something different and interesting which is great, I wish more people would follow suit and not be afraid to try something different. My favourite place to go out would probably be the Kegelbahn, despite the fact that I don’t make it down there very often, it’s got the right dimensions and vibe for my kind of clubbing!

h.: Do you see any room for improvement?

CJ: I think more variety would certainly be excellent, more nights that really try to push the envelope, so to speak. Which is why I’m really looking forward to budenzauber! Going to be a great time.

h.: To come to an end: What will you play at budenzauber?

CJ: I’m going to try and play some stuff that will keep the energy and the floor moving till 6am.